Best Juicer for Carrots and Beets in India 2021: Latest Guide

Carrot juice is healthy to drink every morning. If you’re looking for the best juicer for carrots and beets, then this guide is for you.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 carrot/beetroot juicers along with how to make carrots juice.

Let’s get started:

Best Juicer for Carrots and Beets in India

  • Usha Nutripress (362F)
  • Hestia Nutri-Max
  • Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00
  • Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer(B1700)
  • Prestige PCJ 7.0
  • Pigeon Pure 150-Watt
  • Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20

What type of juicer is best for carrots?

A juicer that uses a slow or cold press type process to extract juice from carrots is recommended. Cold press juicers retain most of the nutrients and considered healthy to use. For Indians, the Kuvings Professional B1700 model is preferred.

Benefits of Carrot Juice

If you’re searching for a carrot juicer then you may already know the healthy benefit of eating this juice. However, to inform everyone here are the benefits of eating carrot juice every day:

  • It will increase the overall metabolism of your body and help you keep your body in a good shape and size.
  • It will improve your eyes and give you a stronger vision, and help in healing many eye disorders.
  • As carrots are a good source of anti-oxidant, they will neutralize free radicals and boost your immune system.
  • Reduce the chances of cancer. (Source)

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Hestia Nutri Max

Hestia Nutri Max is the best carrot juicer in India. Being a premium brand it offers many features which we’re going to discuss below.

The juicer makes no room for the air bubbles to stay inside the juice, leaving no oxidation. It also leaves the freshness remaining for a more extended time. The juicer, built with cold press technology, does the job quite effectively.

The juicer takes much time, but it extracts an enormous amount of juice. It sucks almost every pulp in the carrot and beets. So, the nutrient content inside the liquid is positively enormous and rich.

While looking at the plastic parts of the juicer, all the materials are 100 percent BPA free. They made this juicer with superior quality materials. Also, a specially designed spacecraft material called Auger is inside this juicer. So, the durability is not an issue as all the strainers are super stainless materials.

The powerful motor maintains completely power-packed energy during the run time. It squeezes out the juice from every single pulp from the vegetable. The 75 mm large feeding tube is purposefully designed for more fruit in a go. It allows you to add multiple beet or carrots to get inside. So, this juicer is highly durable and also essential for your healthy lifestyle.


  • Easy cleaning.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High-grade BPA free plastic for safety.
  • Longer durability.
  • Extracts all the juicy elements.


  • The price is a little bit high.



AGARO, a quality juicer, comes at a reasonable price range. It renders a top-notch performance and leaves you in a healthier state. This Juicer for carrots and beets brings all the elegance to your diet. It delivers the essential performance which leaves you stunned. The juicer is that good in providing you with all the critical nutrient contents.

The juicer yields more than the standard juicers, and it makes all the pulps into juice. The oxidation level remains minimal, and no more bubble comes out from the juice. It densely mixes the liquid and extracts all the vitamins and nutrients. The cold press technology makes use of slow running and extracts enormous nutrients.

The large feeding chute in the juicer chops even the entire set of carrots that fits inside. It is super strong and firm. It makes juice out of it quickly without making many efforts. The machine encompasses with the reverse function. In case of any clog in the juicer, it removes and dilutes inside. It makes the process easier and smoother.

This juicer, too, comes with BPA-free plastic parts. It ensures longevity and undertakes safety measures effectively. All the essentials that come with the juicer are more comfortable to assemble and disassemble. The cleaning is much easier than standard juicers. Overall this one gives its best in all forms.


  • The juicer is completely BPA free.
  • It grinds all the components and extracts all the juicy contents.
  • Low noise motor inside.
  • Comes with a long feeding chute.
  • Smooth performance.


  • The cleaning is a little challenging.


Balzano Juicer

Balzano is yet another valuable brand that delivers only rich quality materials. The juicer is quite good in the operational areas with its smoother workflow. It won’t make any compromise in its quality and gives almost all the valuables one could expect. It won’t give you any difficulties in slicing the carrot or beets.

The juicer comes with two different mouth styles, and each does the job correctly. The juicer is more convenient in functioning, and the task is easy. The juicemax technology from the juicer does the job efficiently. It makes use of every element in carrot and beets. It extracts all the mineral and nutrient contents without a compromise.

The anti-drip design easily washes the juicer. It takes only a minimal amount of time to clean all the items in the strainer. The BPA free elements in the plastic body make assurance in safety. The safety sensor from the machine looks at the equipment properly. In case of any danger, it stops functioning.

The juicer operates completely silent without making any vibration. The slow-motion running gives you a smooth flow of operation. The juicer can even extract the nut milk from its superior performance. It gives you all sorts of healthy drinks without making any mistakes.

Durability is not an issue as they made this with top-class Italian technology. They built this with a quality mind, which is very well known for its name.


  • It extracts all the minerals present in the carrot and beets.
  • Gives you an outstanding performance.
  • Made up of fine quality material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Value for money.
  • Longevity.


  • You may observe slight difficulty in assembling the parts.


Kuvings B1700

Kuvings is a top-class brand, and it is widely known across the globe. Kuvings is well known for its performance and thus making it the best professional juicer for everyday use. It makes all the slices of carrot and beets turned into juice.

Making juice out of beets or carrot seems to be tough. But if you are ready to invest in a good juicer, then it won’t be an issue further. Kuvings is the one in good juicer lineups. So, better look into this as an option.

The cold press juicer mixes the juice content inside with deep dense. It never allows the particles to be stagnant at a place. It mixes the pulp powerfully and makes use of all the nutrient content to you. The juicer is very user-friendly, and the tasks are significantly more straightforward to do without much effort.

The juicer from Kuvings brings all the brilliant efforts. The juicer looks excellent and attractive. It matches all types of kitchen. The more powerful and super quiet motor built inside for a more fantastic job. It lays the foundation deep, and the result is good as per the performance.

The feeding tube is a little big, and it reduces the time in producing the juice. The JMCS technology from Kuvings gives an outstanding result. It outlasts all the other juicers at this range. The elegant design with the safety lock makes the juicer to stay in a unique position.

This juicer is an absolute fit for the ones who expect quality rather than price.


  • Very well-known brand.
  • Quality is in top standard.
  • Yields higher value in extracting juice.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Highly durable.


  • Nothing to complain about except the price.


Usha Nutripress 326F

Here comes the well-known brand to our list. Yes, Usha is the name that remains sounded in the home appliances sector. They deliver all the essentials one could expect in a memorable brand. It extracts every juice inside the carrot or beets and makes a healthy diet for you.

Having a proper diet for all walks of life is an essential thing. But at the same time having suitable materials with you is a must one. This juicer takes care of these things to make all the very best diet plans. Just put your carrot or beets in your juicer and see the magic.

The impressive thing with this juicer is that it comes with more number of assembles. With this equipment, it breaks down all the most problematic substances. The silent running, along with the superior functioning, makes the best pair. It brings you more amount of juice along with the nutritional content in it.

The wide feeding tubes and different filters make a purposeful running. Significantly, the filters are worth it. It makes the juice with varying levels of thickness. So, it provides you with.


  • More comprehensive options with the juicer.
  • The brand name is good.
  • The juicer does a decent job.
  • Good functionality.


  • Price is high, and the customer service is not up to the mark.

Most comprehensive options to go with. This juicer is for the ones who expect variety. I hope this won’t fail to create an impression on you.


Philips 500-Watt

Philips is a well-known brand and this model works perfectly for beetroots and other vegetables.

The ABS plastic built body ensures strong protection leaving no marks of error. The juicer is very compact and takes only a limited amount of space in the kitchen. The juicer directly passes the juice to your glass, and you need not strain. The juicer could make 1.5 liters of liquid in a single go. You need not find any other bowl for shifting the juice.

The juicer comes with quick clean technology. It allows you to clean within a minute. Also, there is a separate area for storing the pulps. So, the disposal is straightforward and clean. The price is significantly less for the features it carries and the brand value it possesses. So, it claims to the top without any confusion.


  • Outstanding brand value.
  • The juicer is very useful in extracting the juice.
  • Comes with quick clean technology.
  • The price is significantly less.
  • Separates are for pulps for easy disposal.


  • Found a few issues in the handle quality.


Sujata Powermatic

Sujata Powermatic is a budget-friendly carrot and beetroot juicer that will do the job. Sujata is a growing brand and it may not have any service center nearby but its customer support system is awesome. You may want to contact their contact number before purchasing.

The juicer is very compact and easy to lift to a different place. The maintenance is significantly less and also runs for several years. The material is precisely suitable for making the beet and carrot juice in a short period. The stainless steel is highly robust, and it cuts the items very fast also with finer running.

The juicer can run for a few hours non-stop. If you are looking for a juicer for the shops or hotels, this gives you the very best running. The juicer is entirely shockproof and extremely safe to use. The honeycomb filter comes with the juicer yields a high level of juice from the juicer. The juicer is highly durable and doesn’t find too many complaints.

The powerful motor inside delivers the work effectively. It will be your best companion to make a healthy living. Trust this device; it will do excellent work for the years.


  • The price is significantly less.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Seemless operation.
  • Comes with a Shockproof design.

Carrot Juicer Buying Guide

Blindly buying a product will be a total waste of money and time. There are certain things you need to consider before you purchase a juicer for extracting carrots and beets juice. We will put forward some of the most important things you should look for in a juicer if you don’t want to waste your money.

Decide Your Budget

This is important to calculate your budget, as there are wide ranges of Juicer available. A basic juicer will cost around 2000 to 5000 whereas premium juicer will cost around 15000 and more. For example, Prestige PCJ 7.0 cost around 2900 and Usha Nutripress 18700. The difference in price reflects the quality of the product and the benefits that you’ll get from purchasing upon the product. Although, both of the machines have the same primary objective to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables.

Right Type of Juicer

There are mainly two types of juicers(Centrifugal and Masticating). Types of Juicer greatly vary the tasks that they can handle, a centrifugal juicer can extract fruit and vegetable juice much faster than the Masticating Juicer while on the other hand there will be a hindrance in the beneficial nutrients.

Whereas the Masticating Juicer is slower than the centrifugal juicer but it can preserve more nutrients in the juice.

Depending on the types of juice that you are going to make regularly you can buy a masticating juicer( Usha Nutripress 240-W ) for extracting fibrous, leafy green vegetable juice. And Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 is suitable for apple and orange types of fruits.

Easy To Clean Parts

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a messy task, the pulverized and mashed fruits leftover and the pulp is sticky and cause stains if not washed immediately after every juicing session.

Carrots and beets are the most popular vegetables chosen for Juicing, because of its richness in nutrients. But to prepare a glass of carrots and beet juice you’ll need a powerful juicer machine. As you carrots and beets are hard fruits so to separate the juice from the pulp will be much easier with a high watt power motored juicer machine. There are two types of juicer you’ll find, masticating juicer and a centrifugal juicer. Masticating juicers are better in preserving nutrients in the juice than a centrifugal juicer. So, if you are planning to buy a masticating juicer for juicing hard fruits and vegetables, make sure to buy the juicer which has high watt power. You can buy Usha Nutripress 240-W Coldpress Juicer.

Can I use the juicer for extracting citrus juice?

Yes, you can use it for citrus fruits as well, but make sure you peel off the outer skin and remove all the seeds from the citrus fruits beforehand.

Can I use the juicer for vegetables?

Yes, these juicer are specially made for making vegetable juice, and it works exceptionally better for vegetables then fruits.

What is the best juicer for carrots?

As per my research, I would recommend you to go for “Hestia Nutrimax” for better juice quality and benefits. This juicer is highly rated across the e-commerce marketplaces in India. With this juicer, you can prepare carrot juice, as well as beet juice, and other hard vegetable juice easily.

How to make Carrot Juice?

Here is a video of carrot juice making process:

Final Thought

We hope that you found this article helpful. The best juicer for carrots and beets is according to our choice is Kuvings Professional B1700. Budget-friendly option is Sujata Powermatic model.

If you’ve any questions regarding any juicer model ask below:

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