Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan: Which one is good?

Kitchen chimney or exhaust fan – which one to choose for your kitchen?

In this article. we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen chimney and exhaust fan. Which one to choose and when?

We have also answered that if you have got an exhaust fan pre-installed, what should you do with it?

Let’s get started:

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

When to use kitchen chimney?

Chimneys have a powerful suction capacity which can remove all the oil vapour and smoke while cooking or deep frying. Chimneys are placed near the kitchen countertop and gas stove or hob top for effective suction.

Chimneys are best for the kitchen. They are powerful enough to remove all the smoke while cooking. The suction power ranges between 1100 m3/h to 1500 m3/h depending on the chimney.

When to use exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans are great for air circulation purpose. They are suitable for bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, big hall rooms. They come in different shapes and their suction capacity is very low. They work like a normal ceiling fan, but only pushing air out of the house.

Exhaust fans power is measured in the swept area. The larger the swept area the more it removes air out of your house.

Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

Kitchen Chimney Exhaust Fan
Best for kitchen. Best for bathrooms.
Power consumption is higher. Power consumption is lower than chimneys.
Chimneys are effective in removing smokes from the kitchen. Exhaust fans are best for removing humidity out of bathrooms.
The purchasing cost is higher. An exhaust fan is cheaper than a chimney.
Installation cost is more. Installation cost is less.
You have to turn a chimney “ON” when cooking. Exhaust fans are effective when in the “ON” position for several hours.

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