Best Casserole Set in India 2021: (For Hot Roti & Chapati)

Are you looking for the best casserole set?

Casserole or hot box helps you to keep Roti or chapati warm & soft. This is a must-have kitchen appliance if you like roti or chapati.

In this article, we are going to list the best casserole set in India available to buy.

Best Casserole Set in India

Best Casserole Set in India 2021:

Editors Choice: Jaypee Casserole Set with Glass Lid

Jaypee Casseroles are one of the stylist, durable & easy to use hot boxes you can find online.

Jaypee Casserole comes with a glass lid and beautiful chrome finish on the outside. The inner side is of stainless and keeps your food warm for a long time. The model comes in 3 sets of 800 ml, 1.2 L, 1.7 L option.

Jaypee Glasserol Set Black, Set of 3 Casserole (800+1200+1700 ml)
  • Casserole set is made up of food grade plastic materials & a stainless steel inside with a...
  • Different sizes of casseroles make it usable for serving multi cuisine in varying...
  • Made from premium quality plastic materials, the break resistant Knob, the transparent...
  • Chrome plated panel makes this set of three casseroles beautiful & enhances your serving...
  • Package Contents: 1-Pc Casserole (850ml), 1-Pc Casserole (1250ml) and 1-Pc Casserole...

Three different sizes of casserole gives you the flexibility to use them in properly. For example the medium size (1.2 L) can be use as a roti hot box. 1.7 L can be used to store fried rice and the smallest one can be use to store other cuisine.

The chrome-plated panel makes this set of three casseroles beautiful & enhances your serving experience.

The Jaypee casserole model is not microwave oven safe, not suitable for induction cooktops and not freezer or fire safe. So you’ve to handle it properly. After usage clean it with soapy water as it is not dishwasher safe.

The model weighs around 3.36 Kg for the 3 sets casserole. The model does not comes with a lock on the lid so it’s difficult to carry it anywhere else.

Budget Pick: Pinnacle Stainless Steel Casserole Set

Pinnacle casserole sets are one of the affordable hot boxes that you will find online.

Pinnacle Stainless Steel Inner Casseroles - Set of 3 (Parisa 500 + 1000 + 1500 ml Pastel Pink)
  • BEST RATED AFTER SALES SUPPORT: We, at Pinnacle, are committed to "Keep Customers Interest...

Pinnacle casserole comes with 3 sets of different sizes and has 3 different colour option of pastel green, pastel blue & pink. All of them look awesome and add beauty to the dining table.

The model is made of food grade quality ABS plastic in the outer side and stainless steel in the inner side. The three different sizes are 500 ml, 1000 ml, and 1500 ml.

The lid locks are concealed inside so looks are not compromised and your food remains safe even while traveling. It can retain heat for up to 6 hours.

The model is not microwave safe and is not built for the reheat purpose, it will keep your food warm for longer times.

2nd Choice: ANEKANTS Stainless Steel Hot Box

ANEKANTS hot boxes are look durable and feels sturdy in nature. The stainless steel hot boxes or casserole comes in 3 sets of 1 L.

ANEKANTS DIAMOND Stainless Steel Solid Casserole - 900ml, Set of 3, Silver
  • Included components: 3 Casserole | Volume Capacity Name: 1 L
  • Insulation: Puf Insulated
  • Color Name: Steel Silver
  • Special Feature: Easy To Carry Handle

The handlebar is made of durable plastic and is meant for travelling purposes. With 1 L space, you take a decent amount of food 1-2 person depending upon the food type.

The model is made of durable stainless steel along with the plastic cover on top. It has a lid lock placed inside the casserole. It can warm your food for around 3-4 hours.

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