Where to Keep Gas Cylinder in Modular Kitchen?

Taking extra care of your gas cylinder is necessary for us. They are very dangerous and prone to flame even from a single spark.

So in this article, we are going to discuss where to keep your gas cylinder in your kitchen.

Is it possible to install it on the balcony? or can be placed outside of the kitchen?

We are going to answer these questions later in this article but first let us know:

Where to keep Gas Cylinder in Modular Kitchen?

LPG gas is thicker than air with a density of 1.5+ and tends to go down and settle on the surface close to the ground in cases of leaks. Place the cylinder below the kitchen window so in case of leakage it will safely be exhausted through the same. Also, remember to open the cabinets after cooking in the kitchen.

Where does the gas cylinder go in a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are very clean and hide all the messes in the cabinets. LPG cylinder is also hidden under the countertop and connected to the gas stove with a highly protected gas pipe. For added safety, check this pipe from time to time for leakage.

You can keep your LPG gas cylinder in your modular kitchen cabinets but remember to place the gas stove on the countertop. Many people place the gas stove below the cylinder, making it more dangerous while cooking.

What is a safe position for LPG Gas Cylinder?

According to Hindustan Petroleum, always keep the cylinders in a vertical position with the valve on top. If the cylinder is placed in any other position, liquid LPG may gush out of the open valve creating a dangerous situation. Cylinders must be installed at ground level and never below ground level or in cellars or basements etc.

How many cylinders can you keep in the same kitchen?

Not more than two cylinders should be stored in a room. To keep two cylinders, the kitchen should have a minimum floor area of 10 sq. meters. If your kitchen area is less than this, store the cylinder away from the electric circuit, rain, direct sunlight & any other flammable fuel.

Is it safe to keep gas cylinders in sunlight?

No, it is not advised to keep your LPG gas cylinder in direct sunlight. LPG gas is kept in liquid form and is designed for a maximum temperature of 65 degrees Celcius. (Source: IOCL PDF)

Now for a normal cylinder to burst, the pressure has to be higher than 65 degrees Celcius inside which is not probable in ambient conditions when it is exposed to sunlight.

However, LPG cylinders are always advised to be kept in a shaded enclosed space with hard flooring above ground level to ensure that the cylinders do not get damaged by external forces.

If you think, gas is leaking from your cylinder call the customer care of your dealer. If it is just leaking when you’re cooking only, then go to a nearby repair centre and fix your gas stove.

You can also watch the below video of how to stop gas leakage:

How to stop Gas Leakage in LPG cylinders?

You can stop gas leakage by changing the washer in the LPG cylinder but it is recommended to talk with an expert or gas distributor and not perform the steps yourself.

How to install a cooking gas cylinder outside of the house?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSaH5yTWcV4 by CrazyIndianHacker channel. Ian.net.in’s website doesn’t promote these types of modifications. Don’t try this at home.


We hope that you have got your answer. You can place the LPG cylinder under the kitchen cabinet but always check it for leakage and rusting.

The best place to keep your gas cylinder is a well ventilated shadowed area.

If you’ve any other questions regarding gas stoves, LPG cylinder placements & installation, comment down below and let us help you.

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