Best Pressure Washer in India 2023: For Cars & Bikes

A good pressure washer will help you to clean your car and bike easily.

If you’re looking for the best pressure washer for your car in India which has high pressure and will remove dirt, dust easily off your car & bike, then this guide is for you.

Cleaning bikes & cars used to be a daunting task. But nowadays, it is super fun and enjoyable due to affordable pressure washers.

There are two types of pressure washers available – electric and gas. However, only electric pressure washers are available in the Indian market.

Electric pressure washers are perfect for cleaning cars, bikes, patio, and other outdoor furniture.

Best Pressure Washers For Cars in India

Best Pressure Washer in India

Best Pressure Washer in India 2022:

Pressure Washers Pressure Amount Flow Rate Power Warranty
Best Overall: ResQTech Electric Pressure Washer 140 Bar 384 l/h 2000 W 2 Years
Best Brand: Bosch Aquatak 125 Electric Pressure Washer 125 Bars 360 l/h 1500 W 6 Months
Best Value: Inalsa PowerShot Pressure Washer 134 Bars 408 L/h 1600 W 1 Year
American Micronic Electric Pressure Washer 120 Bars 390 L/h 1500 W 1 Year
Karcher K2 Compact Electric High-Pressure Washer 110 Bars 360 L/h 1400 W 1 Year
JPT Professional Electric High-Pressure Washer 120 Bars 390 L/h 2300 W 6 Months
Tech TrendZ Electric High Pressure Washer 120 Bars 360 L/h 1000 W 6 Months

Without wasting our time, let us see the top models:

Top Picks

ResQTech 2000-Watts

ResQTech RSQ-PW101 is one of the best electric high-pressure washers on our list. It can deliver 384 L/hour at 140 bar pressure.

ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer

With this much power, you can wash out the dirtiest stains from your vehicles, oil and grease from garages.

The machine is powered by a 2000-watt motor­­­­­ and a 10 Amp power plug which is easily available anywhere. Other competitors require a 15 Amp power socket to properly work.

The body is made of ABS plastic which makes it lightweight and durable for longer use. The model weighs around 7.8 Kg and has wheels for easy portability.

When ordered on Amazon, it comes with accessories like a 90-degree nozzle, detergent dispenser, hose pipe, and self-priming pipe.

The 90-degree nozzle jets the water directly into hard to reach areas for cleaning underneath the car and mudguards.

According to a user, cleaning a bike took 10 to 15 minutes with foam wash and for a car, it took 30 minutes.

ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric High Pressure Washer accessories

A detergent dispenser is available for foam washing. The RSQ-PW101 has the Ability for SELF PRIMING means it can suck water out of a bucket for washing and cleaning, which is very useful for people staying in Apartments and for ones who do not have access to running water.

ResQTech RSQ-PW101 comes with a 2-year warranty and is easy to assemble. Other features include self-priming, auto-shutoff, jet spray, wide spay, foam nozzle.

Most of the user says, it’s a bit on the noisy side. But according to its price range and power, it’s the best budget-friendly pressure washer you can buy in India.

It comes with a hose tucker and nozzle holder for better storage purposes. So that you store all the accessories in the same area. 


  • 140 bar water pressure
  • 2000 watt powerful motor
  • Easy available 10 Amps socket. Most washers have 15 Amps power socket
  • 90-degree nozzle
  • Self-priming 
  • 2 real wheels
  • Light-weight body
  • Excellent customer service


  • It’s a bit noisy due to its powerful motor

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While a pressure washer will remove most of the dirt from 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler, a flat mop or spin mop will help you to remove household dirt easily.

Bosch Aquatak 1500-Watt

Bosch is a globally known brand that makes home improvement related tools. They manufacture quality products and this Aquatak water pressure washer is one of them.

Bosch Aquatak 1500-Watt Electric High Pressure Washer

It delivers 360 L/hour water with 125 bar pressure— more than enough for any outdoor cleaning tasks. 

It is a 1500 watt powered motor that operates in 220-240 Volts with a 15 amp power socket.

The 3-in-one nozzle—fan, rotary and pencil jet— washes every type of surface. Say your car wash, patios, sunshades, rooftops and garden furniture. This is the best pressure washer for cars.

Bosch Aquatak is exceptionally lightweight. It weighs around 6 Kg and has two wheels on the other side for portability reasons.

The model is easy to assemble. You just have to connect the hose pipe with the inlet and outlet with the pressure washer. Other accessories include 2 nozzles and a pressure gun.

Bosch Aquatak 1500-Watt Electric High Pressure Washer accessories

According to users, it is the quietest model you can buy out there. It has an auto-off system with self-priming. For storing, it has a fold-down handle.

The unit is backed by 6 months warranty on the motor.


  • 3-in-1 nozzle 
  • High-pressure foam nozzle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fold-down handle
  • Quite performance
  • Good water pressure
  • Self-priming and auto-off


  • Expensive
  • Only 6 months warranty

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Inalsa PowerShot 1600W

Inalsa PowerShot is another powerful pressure washer that you can buy online. It is 1600 watt powered with 134 Bar or 1958 PSI enough for cleaning your vehicles and garage. For the highest cleaning capacity, it generates 408 l/hr water flow.

When compared with Bosch Aquatak, it has more power, pressure and comes at a lower price point. It’s the most value you can get from a pressure washer within this price point.

When ordered on Amazon, it comes with 1 spray gun and extension rod, 1 soap bottle, 1 cleaning pin, 1 water pipe container, manual cum Warranty Card, 1 pressure washer unit, and 1 hose pipe.

It comes with adjustable spray nozzles & jet spray for different types of cleaning jobs.

It can be equipped with spray guns with an extension rod that makes cleaning outdoor appliances easier. The detergent tank makes foam washing vehicles a lot more easy for normal users.

To prevent the pump from running idle without use, it is built with an auto shut-off feature. So, when you leave the machine on and forget to turn it off, the pump shuts itself off automatically to save power.

The Pressure Washer comes equipped with a water inlet adaptor along with Anti Impurity Filter. Built-in storage compartments for all accessories along with power cord storage to keep it tangle-free, easy to carry and adjustable handle for ease of movement.

The model weighs around 6.3 Kg and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Some users reported that the model doesn’t come with a water inlet pipe and returned the product. If that is the case with you make sure to call this number ( customer support no- 9773982065/66/67/68/69/70) and talk with them. Even has 10 days return policy.

American Micronic 1500-Watts

American Micronic is another popular brand in the auto industry. This Micronic 1500 watt is another budget-friendly model to try out.

American Micronic 1500-Watts Electric High-Pressure Washer

This model comes with 120 bar pressure and has an output of 390 L water per hour. The motor is 1500 watts so that it doesn’t draw much electricity.

When cleaning a car or a bike, you don’t require a lot of power & pressure and this model balance it with the perfect pressure of 120 bar and power of 1500 watt.

This can pretty much do any outdoor cleaning tasks that you throw at it. Like cleaning vehicles, courtyards, bathrooms, roofs, and terraces.

Inside the package, you will find a spray gun, spray nozzle, detergent dozing bottle, hose pipe, priming pipe, instruction manual, and warranty details. Some users reported, that it has some missing accessories like the nozzle or foam washer.

American Micronic 1500-Watts Electric High-Pressure Washer key features list

American Micronic offers door-to-door service and is backed by a 1-year warranty. The model is made of plastic and weighs around 6.9 Kg. It has two wheels on one side for portability reasons.


  • 1500 watt powerful copper motor
  • Multipurpose nozzle
  • Integrated accessory holder
  • Easy assembling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Home service 


  • Missing accessory parts
  • Short hose length

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Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watts

Karcher K2 is using German technology. It comes with a 1400 watt motor with a maximum pressure of 110 bar at a maximum of 360 L/hour water flow.

Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watts Electric Pressure Washer

If you’re on a tight budget or want to purchase a pressure washer that’ll do vehicle washing, then this model is the best fit for you.

You can use it to clean your driveway, but it requires much more time to clean those areas due to low pressure.

The model is lightweight, weighs around 4.3 Kg and is made of plastic.

Inside the package, you’ll find a Pressure washer, 4 m high-pressure hose, dirt blaster, side hook and fixed spray lance.

Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watts Electric Pressure Washer features list

Karcher K2 is backed by a 1-year warranty. However, there aren’t many service centres in India. You can call on their helpline no: 1800 1234 180 (9:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday).

According to a user, he bought this product on and got replaced easily.


  • Affordable and efficient
  • Small and compact body
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy storing and shifting
  • Made with German technology
  • Best for car wash


  • Short power cord
  • Not many service centres

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These are the best pressure washers in India. If you looking for the best overall model then ResQTech 1700-Watts Electric Pressure Washer is our top choice.

The price is a bit on the higher side. So budget users can choose Inalsa PowerShot 1600W High-Pressure Washer.

If you’re in doubt, choose a pressure washer and link in the comment, we’ll comment on that product if it’s good or not.

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