Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean Vs. Normal – Which is Best?

Are you confused between auto clean kitchen chimney and a normal kitchen chimney?

No worries. In this article, we’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen chimney auto clean vs normal.

Auto Clean Chimney Vs Normal Chimney
Auto Clean Chimney Vs Normal Chimney

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Auto Clean Chimney Vs Normal Chimney

Auto clean chimneys come with an oil collector to collect oil particles from the smoke and fumes.

This prevents oil clogging in the internal parts of your chimney and keeps the air purified around the kitchen. This part of the chimney is detachable and can be cleaned easily.

Manual Chimneys doesn’t have an oil collector to remove oil from fumes and smoke. It works by removing the smoke and fumes by a powerful suction fan via a duct.

Oil clogging can damage the internal parts of the chimneys. Looking for the best kitchen chimney in India? Read our guide from here.

Maintenance difference

Auto clean chimneys are maintenance-free for their detachable filter that can be easily cleaned.

On the contrary, normal or manual kitchen chimneys may or may not come with any oil collector filter. Thus requires more time to cleaned.

Win: Auto Clean Chimney.

Lifespan and longevity

As we already know that an auto clean kitchen chimney comes with an automatic cleaning function. Making it work for a long period of time, increasing the lifespan and longevity.

But in a manual clean chimney, oil stocks up in the filters and other parts of the chimney. It is not always possible to clean thoroughly every day. Thus reducing the lifespan and longevity of the product.

Win: Auto Clean Chimney.

Suction Capacity

Auto clean kitchen chimney filters have a higher suction capacity than normal manual chimneys.

The suction capacity varies because of the prolonged use of the chimney and requires proper cleaning of the filters. In this case, automatic cleaning wins over a normal chimney.

Win: Auto Clean Chimney.


Auto clean chimneys include advanced features and costs more. The filter of an auto clean chimney is also pricier than a normal one.

Auto clean chimney cost: Over 10,000 rupees.

Normal kitchen chimneys cost less because of their internal parts. Normal chimneys can cost around 8,000 rupees or more.

Win: Manual clean chimney.


Auto clean chimneys prove to be healthy for any person’s respiratory system. Moreover, it keeps the appetizing and mouth-watering aroma of the food being cooked.

The normal chimney isn’t really the option for this case. It does suck the smoke in, but the exposure to stink is still tacked there to some extent.

Elegant Design

Auto clean chimneys come with many designs which can suit your kitchen theme or design.

On the other hand, normal kitchen chimneys don’t have the variety of designs like the auto clean chimneys have.

The functioning of suction filters

According to the experts, the auto clean kitchen chimney helps in improving the functioning of suction filters. If you want to use the kitchen chimney that can help in improving the suction filter, you should always go with the auto clean kitchen chimney without any doubt.

Lower the maintenance of cleaning filters

In the auto clean kitchen chimney, the oil collector doesn’t need frequent cleaning, and that’s why it can reduce the overall maintenance of the cleaning filter. This can become yet another concept that will help you to determine that the normal Kitchen Chimney is not better to use when the auto clean Chimney is there.

Preserve oil clogging

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the auto clean kitchen chimney prevents the oil from clogging in the internal parts of your chimney. So, this can become yet another reason that will help you to go for the auto clean kitchen chimney.

With a bit of luck, you will be able to determine which the better between the kitchen chimney auto clean and the normal one. You can compare the price and other specifications of these two Kitchen Chimneys if you have any further doubts left.

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