Best Soup Maker in India 2023

Are you looking for the best Soup maker in India?

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 10 brands of Soup makers available in India.

We’ve chosen soup makers based on their working features and how many soups each models can make.

After that, we looked at the capacity of the jar, time to make soup, power of the motor and features of each model.

Best Soup Maker in India
Best Soup Maker in India

Best Soup Maker in India

Soup Maker Brands Capacity Wattage
Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker 1.6 L 800 W
Philips Viva Collection Soup Maker 1.2 L 700 W
Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker 1.6 L 800 W
Tefal Easy Soup Soup Maker 1.2 L 1000 W
Clearline Soup Maker and Blender 1.2 L 1000 W

Wonderchef Automatic Soup Maker

Wonderchef deals with the robust quality of kitchen required products such as spoons, blenders, and others. 

Well, this is a great deal for a family of 3-4 people as it comes with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Also, you can easily put the chopped ingredients into it and on it (there will be no need of monitoring it as it can complete the work on its own). 

We have kept it on our first list because of various reasons and one being its nutrients extraction option. It can easily retain the nutrients inside the vegetable and fit any small baby’s growth requirement, weight loss, or most importantly healthy living. 

There is a touch control panel with 5 smoothing options for you to blend or prepare a smoothie soup. 

Also, you get an intelligent control option that can easily prevent the burning of dry ingredients that are put into it. 

There are very sharp blades and the body is built of 304 stainless steel jug which is best in the market for providing a proper option for soup. 

Warranty– 2 years 


  • High capacity-1.6 liters
  • 5 touch control options for proper smoothening
  • 304 stainless steel jug
  • Pure copper motor


  • No saute option

Philips Soup Maker

Philips is a known brand for delivering superior quality products. 

It comes in a little less capacity as compared to the first one being 1.2 liters but it can easily suffice a family of 2-3 people. 

You can sit back and relax while it automatically cooks your delicious soup or any kind of chutney even. 

It comes with 5 pre-defined settings to make different kinds of soups, chutneys, jams, and other materials. 

A recipe book also comes along with the package so that you can prepare your delicious food without even asking or googling. 

You can easily make the soup within 40 minutes (which means it will make less noise and don’t disturb you or your neighbors while they enjoy their sleep). 

It comes with a body of stainless steel material which is best in the market. 

Warranty– 2 years 


  • High capacity-1.2 liters
  • 5 touch control options for proper smoothening
  • Stainless steel jug


  • No saute option

Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker

Morphy Richards deals with robust quality products like toaster maker, kettle, soup makers, and others. 

Well, this soup maker comes with a pause function option where you can easily remove the lid and pour anything which you might forget to add. 

Also, another best feature of this soup maker is the LED countdown display which shows how many minutes are left for your soup to be prepared. 

You can cook anything from snacks, smoothies, jams, and of course soup with its 4 pre-programmed modes. 

If you are a family of 3-4 members then this soup maker is the ideal fit for you as it comes with a capacity of 1.6 liters. 

It is very easy to clean as you just pour the soapy water inside and rinse it which will not even take 4-5 minutes. 

You also get a recipe along with this soup maker which is ideal for you to cook the soup or any other smoothie without worrying about the internet connection or anything. 

It also comes with a saute option. You can read about what the saute option does in our Buying guide which is mentioned at the end of the article. 

Warranty– 2 years 


  • High capacity-1.6 liters
  • 4 touch control options for proper smoothening
  • LED countdown display
  • Pause option
  • Saute option


  • None as of now 

Tefal Easy Soup Maker

Tefal delivers high-quality products such as non-stick cookware sets, toasters, Iron, and others. 

The best part of this soup maker is- it comes with an option or can say button where you can auto clean the jar without facing any hassle. 

It is very appealing plus durable as it is built of a stainless body that is known in the market for its long run and sturdiness. 

You can make anything from a smoothie to even jams, soups, and others within very few minutes (40 minutes or less) and you can experience a noise-free operation. 

It can easily serve 2-4 people as it comes with a capacity of 1.2 liters. Also, it has 4 automatic culinary options for you to make good smoothie or soup. 

You get 3 beeps when the program is about to end- as in- you will get to know when the soup is prepared inside the soup maker very easily. 

It comes with a smart control panel with LED lights. Also, you get a recipe book which has around 30 international recipes of making different types of soups. 

Warranty– 2 years 


  • High capacity-1.2 liters
  • 4 touch control options for proper smoothening
  • LED countdown display
  • Auto-cleaning button
  • 3 beeps when the soup is prepared
  • Recipe book


  • No saute option 

Clearline 1000-Watt Soup Maker and Blender

Clearline deals in robust quality kitchen kettle, appliances food warmer, sandwich grill, soup maker, and others. 

This is the perfect deal for those who are looking for a combination of a soup maker and blender so that they can easily prepare their smoothie in no possible time. 

It comes with a thermostat for controlling the temperature so that you can experience the best soup or smoothie. 

It is not a mixer grinder as there is a big difference between a grinder, blender and soup maker. This is a soup maker cum blender that can blend any food ingredients into smoothies, soups or even jams. 

Its maximum capacity is 1.2 liters that is perfect for any family which has 2-3 people. 

Warranty– 1-year warranty on the product 


  • High capacity- 1.2 liters
  • Blender cum soup maker
  • Thermostat for controlling the temperature
  • Program-control panel


  • None for now 

Soup Maker Buying Guide

Before buying a soup maker, you should know all the pointers that make a huge difference in deciding its quality so that you can buy the best product in the market. Here are the most important factors that you should consider.

What are the types of Soup makers?

There are two types of soup makers available in India. One is Kettle style and another is Blender type, Soup maker. Kettle style is a traditional soup maker that is designed in a way that you can make only soup with this gadget. The Blender type of soup maker functions like a blender with an additional cooking feature.

How does a Kettle Style Soup Maker work?

Kettle style soup makers are the most commonly available type. There are blending blades that are attached directly to the lid. These blades are lowered in a jug with a heated base plate that can cook the ingredients of the soup.

It takes around 20-30 minutes to make soup in these soup makers, depending on whether you want to make smooth soup or chunky soup. It takes a long time to make chunky soup.

Kettle style soup makers are easy to clean. Some models even feature a non-stick interior. You can simply rinse them and wipe them with a dry towel. Most of these soup makers even allow you to make milkshakes and smoothies. They feature a special function to blend cold drinks.

How does a Blender style Soup maker Work?

Blender style soup makers look very similar to any ordinary jug blender. Along with this, they even offer the same type of blending functions. You can use the same device as a soup maker as well as a traditional blender.

When compared to a traditional kettle-style soup maker, these types of soup makers offer more functions and can easily fulfil the functionalities of multiple kitchen appliances. In some models, apart from making soups, you can even prepare varieties of cold beverages and can be used to steam eggs too.

The blades are typically fixed to the base of the glass jug. It uses a heating element or the heat generated by the rotation of the blades to cook the soup. As the glass jug is mostly transparent, you can see the cooking process. Also, you can remove or detach the jug while serving.

How to select a Soup maker in terms of size?

When selecting a Soup maker always think about the soup portions of a single meal. The capacity of a soup maker generally ranges from 0.8 litres to 2 litres or more.

The jug size of 1 litre should be sufficient for a single meal or for 2 portions. Users mostly prefer buying a soup maker with a jug size of 1.6 to 1.7 litres. You can make soup for 4 to 6 people in these soup makers, depending on the portion size.

How much time does it take to make Soup?

Most Soup makers take about 15 to 20 minutes to cook the ingredients properly and make a delicious soup.

However, one thing that you must keep in mind is some models of soup makers don’t allow you to sauté onions in it. Hence, you will have to spend more time in preparation while using these types of soup makers.

If you can spend some extra money, you can opt for models that can perform all the prep tasks as well and make soup in no more than 20 minutes.

How much Power does a Soup maker need?

The power of the motor and strength and the durability of the blade vary sometimes. It can affect the ability of the soup maker to blend some types of ingredients or larger pieces of the ingredients.

The power settings mostly range from 800W to 1,000W. The higher the power of the soup maker is, the faster it can function and cook the soup quickly.

This might not be an issue for those who want to make thick and chunky soup. However, if you prefer making smooth soups, you must definitely check this factor.

What are the functions look for in a Soup maker?

There are multiple tasks that a soup maker can perform. In some models of soup makers, you can sauté, boil, blend, reheat, make the puree, cut the ingredients into chunks, and many more.

Some models can be used to make many other things than soup such as sauces, smoothies, and many more. You should first fix all your requirements and then choose accordingly.

If you want to make only hot soup, you might want a device that features blend, puree, and chunky settings. If you are looking forward to some advanced cooking experience, you can look for soup makers that feature some extra settings like sauteing, boiling, etc.

What is Saute feature in a Soup maker?

If you want to make a flavorful soup, you might consider frying a few ingredients like garlic, onion, bacon, or other spices in oil on the plate before cooking the soup. Sauteing the ingredients before making the soup can improve the flavour of the soup drastically.

In some models of soup makers, you can fry or sauté the vegetables or meat before cooking. They feature a hot plate where you can lightly fry the ingredients.

What is the blending type in Soup makers?

The blending function lets you choose the consistency of the soup. You can either select a smooth texture, a chunky texture, or something in between.

All the basic models of the soup maker offer two settings: smooth and texture. However, a good soup maker is one that offers multiple texture options to the users. Extra stirring and pulse are a few extra settings that will allow you to adjust the consistency of the soup while cooking.

What materials are used in Soup Makers?

The containers and the pitchers of the soup maker are generally made using plastic, glass, or steel. While some plastic materials that are used are manufactured in a way that they can withstand heat and other impacts, others can be a bit fragile.

Glass is considered a strong and durable material. However, it can break easily if you drop it accidentally on the floor.

Steel is durable and is less likely to break. However, it might be hot to touch and many users find it inconvenient to wait till the jar cools down a bit.

The material used to make a soup maker can have an impact on the overall price too.

You can also check whether the material that you have chosen fits well with the other appliances in the kitchen. For example, steel soup makers are mostly used for commercial purposes. Before finalizing the material, you can check the features of each one of them and then select accordingly.

How to Control the Speed of a Soup maker?

Most models of soup makers offer multiple manual or automatic speed control settings. The automatic settings are programmed so that you can choose the tasks by simply pressing or pushing a button. Other settings are mostly manual, and you will have to select them while cooking.

If you are busy and don’t want to spend more time making the soup, you can go for a model with automatic settings. But, if you want to be involved in the cooking process, you can go for manual settings and monitor the entire process. With manual pulse settings, you can even control the texture of the soup.

Some models of soup makers feature almost all the settings that you would require while making soup. There are some portion control settings too that come in handy when you don’t want to make too little or an extra batch of soup. For those following a diet, a soup maker with a portion control setting can be very helpful.

Generally, a soup maker with extra settings costs higher than the ones with fewer settings. Hence, it is important to consider what all settings are essential for you and then buy a soup maker that comprises all those settings rather than buying a device with unnecessary options.

How to pause cooking in Soup blenders?

If you forgot to add some ingredients before starting the cooking process, the Interrupt Feature can be very useful.

In soup makers that have the interrupt feature, you can pause the cooking process and add the missed ingredients and then again resume the process.

How to choose a Soup maker for beginners?

A Soup maker with too many functions and settings might be complicated to use for a beginner. A good soup maker is easy to set up and comes with a clear set of instructions.


Soup makers are available at a price range of Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 3,000. The price of the soup makers depends on the quality and the features that the machine offers. The build and durability of the appliance should be your first preference.


It is always good to buy a kitchen appliance that comes with a warranty period. Electronic gadgets can shut down at any time and if you want to repair them without spending extra money, a warranty is a must. Most brands offer a warranty of 2-4 years on the soup makers.

You can also read our guide on the best juicer in India which we’ve reviewed in 2021. We compared the latest best-selling juicer models in this guide.

How to Use a Soup Maker?

Here are some easy tips that can help you in making tasty soups every time:

  • Chop the ingredients finely and evenly: smaller chunks of ingredients will help in cooking the soup quickly and properly.
  • Always add water first: this will prevent food from sticking or burning on the surface while cooking.
  • You should add vegetables that are high in vitamins B and C in the end: as these vitamins are sensitive to heat, their effects can be lost if you overcook them (vegetables like peas, spinach, pepper, broccoli, etc.). Some models of soup makers (mostly blenders) have a pause option so that you can add these veggies later on.
  • To thicken the texture of the soup, use lentils: lentils are not only cheap but are also a good source of fibre and protein.
  • You can use a little bit of oil to sauté onion or garlic in the beginning. It won’t add any fat to the soup. Instead, it will add more flavour to the soup.


We hope that this article on the best soup maker in India helped you to choose the best model according to your budget, requirement and the size of the soup maker jar.

We recommend the Morphy Richards soup maker, it comes with a 1.5 L capacity and 700-watt power.

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